Three Points of Perspective



Tiki Mulvihill and Fae Logie

July 2014

Community-based Installation  at Midsummer Fete, Colony Farm, Port Coquitlam, BC

Point one:  An ultra wide-angled Fish eye lens views the panoramic landscape North East of Port Coquitlam

Point two:  This close to the ground magnifying lens enlarges the view of grassy-earth-terrain of Colony Farm

Point three: Albrecht Durer’s red coordinate grid within the green tube presents a landscape artist’s perspective of how to capture views of the world

In ‘3 Points of Perspective’, Tiki Mulvihill and Fae Logie worked together with repurposed finds of old fencing and large green tubes cast off from a playground. What appears is a whimsical and participatory art installation with hidden viewpoints, ‘seeing’ the landscape through a different lens.

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