collaboration: Fae Logie and Tiki Mulvihill

(re-purposed materials, wood and hardware)

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Circumnavigator is modeled on the ubiquitous structure of a wooden pallet, multiplied twice to human scale and rounded.  Modified for water travel, this unusual raft supports a dome shaped one-person tent-form made from worn cargo netting and discarded marine and camping gear. 

Circumnavigator is both a survival raft and a raft of commerce, a container for the uncontainable.

As a concentration in roundness, it provides a simple means of nonsensical transportation; carving an indirect journey with no beginning or end, no true source or destination, no rhyme nor reason.  As the antithesis of speed and destination, it serves as an antidote to contemporary life. 

In keeping with the philosophy that Art and Life flourish on common ground, Circumnavigator was found floating under a bridge, just off Granville Island in Vancouver.  Earlier, it was spotted adrift in an outlet to the Burrard Inlet, North of the Granville Island site.  It continues to meander.

Tiki Mulvihill and Fae Logie’s Circumnavigator, floating off Granville Island in September, 2011.

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