An audio Installation

Tiki Mulvihill

Through eight listening stations, the audio installation Epicentre questions the notion of peace and quiet for urbanites seeking wilderness experiences. Beginning with recordings gathered from downtown Vancouver, where ‘OH, CA-NA-DA” booms at noon daily, the subsequent seven recordings radiate out in 2000 m intervals until the sounds of nature overwhelm urban noise detritus.

When installed, pathways in the form of ever-expanding circles (mowed or trampled) radiate from a centre, physically mimicking sound emissions in three-dimensional space.  On each circle, one flagged location marker and a small backpack serve as a listening station. Visitors navigate with small hand-cranked radios to receive audio transmissions when in close proximity to each backpack.

Tiki Mulvihill’s, Epicentre, produced in co-production with:

The Banff New Media Institute, The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 2010. 

Special thank-you to Marc Bernier.

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                  AN EXTRA VIDEO I occurred in Banff

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