Derived from the fictional premise of a man’s desire to escape from land to sea, the installation ‘Landlocked?’ pivots around an intentionally ‘close-to-completion’ boat, cradled beneath a roof frame hung from the ceiling.  This quarter-scale vessel, crafted from re-purposed materials and hardware, anchors to a small pile of earth nestled upon the gallery floor. Paralleling these sculptural components six collage-like drawings derived from ‘re-purposed imagery’ reference the overlap between daily life and one man’s obsession with building an escape vessel.  These images connote plans or blueprints from life and construction.

Tiki Mulvihill, Landlocked? 

Installation 2017

Tiki Mulvihill, Landlocked? 

Detail: Blueprints, Life and construction plans, mixed media on paper

Tiki Mulvihill, Landlocked?  Vessel interior (1/4 scale), fabricated from found objects, hardware and repurposed materials.

Tiki Mulvihill, Landlocked?

Alternative hanging device

Tiki Mulvihill, Landlocked?  Drawing components.

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Tiki Mulvihill, LANDLOCKED? in Amelia Douglas Gallery, 

                                    New Westminster, 2018