SS Aimless


SS Aimless challenging install and de-install with gracious assistance from Juan Cisneros, Jamie Purves, Brian Mulvihill, Keely Remillard and Nathan Sills.

SS Aimless, Vancouver Maritime Museum’s Heritage Harbour, February, March, April, 2013

Collaboration Fae Logie and Tiki Mulvihill (Scrap Wood, hardware, cable, repurposed shipyard materials)

Part of Debridement Project developed by Community Arts Vancouver and Vancouver Maritime Museum.

SS Aimless is anchored in contemporary times, yet moored to the traditional transport systems of our past.  Caught in the ebb and flow of the tide, it serves as a metaphor for the conflicting notions of our time.  The intention of SS Aimless, purposefully impractical, with no bow or stern, is powered to go nowhere in an era that consumes copious amounts of resources but fails to get us further ahead.

Built of re-purposed shipyard scrap, Aimless will re-purpose again into rain barrels, wood stackers and further art works.

SS Aimless afloat in the Heritage Harbour