Sandgren - The Space Between

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Tiki Mulvihill,   Sandgren - The Space Between, ARNA Harlosa Sweden, Installation, 2016

ARNA Harlösa intrigues me.  The land situates in ‘the space between’ ancestral birthplaces of my grandmother Thelma Sandgren.  This area, and the fascinating antiquity of Sweden, led my cross-cultural artwork overlapping past and present.  I fortunately accessed to a compelling site on Arnold Hagström’s property, populated by stunning trees, lands and crops perfectly adjacent to farmland. 

I named the installation ‘Sandgren, The Space Between’. Sandgren refers to ‘sand’ and ‘branch’; elements entirely implemented from the land’s ingrained natural materials. Usage of branches, with quirky direction, shape and angles curiously delineate the sculptural work I created.

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One ancient Viking boat, people, and animals upon a Nordic Bronze Age Petroglyph from Sweden excited me. I often heard of Viking transportation from Scandinavia all the way to Newfoundland, Canada (my country).

My Swedish ancestors immigrated upon sailing ships in 1889, during a peak period of vast population growth, which downsized homeland’s farm sites. I reference images of my Swedish ancestors, ironically all outdoors in wilderness.

These varied Swedish-based ideas and images drove my installation. As a result, I twisted the popular boat view and joined other components through divergent ideas based on the transport and space between my Canadian and Swedish relatives.

My incentive: to create a divergent notion about the ‘space between’ triggered a historical boat reference, along with contemporary or ancient active people outside the sea, with atypical heads of wild animals. All components existed between place, time and the North Seas.

As a result,

‘Sandgren - The Space Between’, viewpoints a hybrid of Sweden’s deliciously unique mix of culture and land within ‘fact overlapping fiction’.