Second Wind Tiki Mulvihill, work in progress: Imagine a world where past, present and future, continuously overlap in transparent lines for all to see.

The installation Second Wind conjures a ghostly habitation of human generations leaving traces of their existence on our land. This work avoids all-encompassing absolute truths or references to specific landscapes, in favour of a poetic multi-layered response to fundamental, yet disturbing contradictions of contemporary life in relation to a landscape of perpetual change.

Second Wind remarks on communities, spread all across the West.  Early explorers discovered and followed gaps between mountains to enter valleys.  They recruited aboriginals to guide them, conspiring to keep the land by measuring, recording and marking these routes, which eventually lead to the sea.  They stitched their own account for others to follow, learn, know and exploit these places.  These accounts impact our current places of habitation where contemporary roads mutely follow ancient routes and trails incompletely erased by the passage of time.

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Second Wind acts as a spatial palimpsest where multiple transparent  or translucent layers of amber, clear or white form a cryptic map many times redrawn. Each constructed layer, referring to human presence, rests loosely upon remnants of earlier notations.

Within the installation, each group of elements derives from images and objects found in the land, which reveal human presence.